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We are glad you came to visit. Here at The Parrot Shop we treasure our customers as much as our birds. We live in beautiful Irons, MI where our neighbors consist of deer who peek in our windows, a black bear who sleeps in our backyard, raccoons that enjoy teasing our beagles, a groundhog who plays tag with our cat 'Murphy' every morning, a grand looking blue heron that is constantly stealing fish out of our pond, and the occasional goldfinch or chickadee that boldly land on whomever is filling the birdfeeders out front. I used to rehabilitate wildlife and released most of them on our vast 'farm in the woods' so most wildlife here harbor no fear of humans (however hard I tried not to imprint on them). Our farm looks so much like a 'park in the woods' that some people that have traveled down our road (2-trac) have been known to stop and ask permission to take photos.
Our feathered family members live in a comfy 110' heated building. They are feed lots of fresh fruits and veggies and even occasional treats like popcorn (a favorite here) and given spirulina daily. Our feathered "grandchildren" are brought into the house at 2 wks of age for handfeeding and pampering by myself as well as my husband, John and our 3 boys.Even our border collie mix "Dixie" dotes on them. It seems they are always out,once they are completely feathered, and following us everywhere trying very hard to get some sort of game started. We almost hate to see any of them go but we do get alot of progress reports from their new "Mommies and Daddies" and that makes us feel better.
We offer before and after sale support. We are never too busy to answer your questions or at least point you in the direction of someone who can. If by chance we don't have the species of bird that you have your heart set on we will do our best to locate it for you. All our birds are in good feather unless stated otherwise.
We also offer a 72 hour period in which you can take your birds to your avian vet to determine its health. We take payments on unweaned parrots providing they are paid for in full within 2 weeks of weaning and before they leave our aviary.

We accept cash, bank transfers or postal money orders only.
Babies are available for viewing by appointment.

Enjoy your stay!

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We have developed this section of our web page in anticipation of some of the questions we are often asked.
We have also added tidbits of information we feel to be important for you as a new owner to know about your new friend.

Occasionally we have an excess of breeders or adult singles available that we offer for sale. All are quality birds and sold usually for sake of space or due to an excess of a particular species. These birds are all in perfect feather and free of any physical deformities unless otherwise specified.
This list changes often so be sure to bookmark our page.


Janet Ford--owner
Fax: (616)266-2162

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