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Because of their hardiness and prolific nature, different states have laws regarding the ownership, sales and/or breeding of Quaker parakeets. Feral Quakers have been known to destroy vegetation of farmers fields and orchards.These laws are slowly changing in favor of owners and breeders.

This list was last updated on 7-15-97.

California--- Illegal to own or sell; no exceptions
Connecticut—Legal to own; but illegal to sell
Georgia-------Legal to own but discouraged, illegal to transport across state lines.
Hawaii--------Illegal to own or sell; no exceptions
Kansas--------Ownership legal with permit; however, the state has no forms for a permit Application and the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife will not issue one…
Kentucky-----Illegal to own or sell; no exceptions
Maine---------Legal with approved permit; but they are reluctant to issue any.
New Jersey—Legal ownership with approved permit. Very strict criteria
SECTION 7:25-4.8
New York-----Legal ownership with registration and banding
Ohio-----------Legal if wings are kept clipped
Pennsylvania---Illegal to own or sell; no exceptions ( WILL EUTHANIZE)
Rhode Island—Illegal to own or sell; no exceptions
Tennessee-----Illegal to own or sell; no exceptions
Virginia--------Legal to own, buy and sell if birds are close banded
(illegal to transport into Virginia unless moving there and birds are close banded)
Wyoming-------Illegal to own or sell; no exceptions

All states not listed here are classified as legal with no restrictions.

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