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Genus: Myiopsitta

The Quaker parakeet is a very sweet bird with a comical personality. It is approximately 10" long including a 4 " tail. The most popular color of Quaker is green. There are many new color mutations in Quakers now. We breed the green and the blue (and split to blues).
Quakers make great companion birds (mine loves to play with my kids) and they talk readily, usually at considerably young ages. Some Quakers have been known to talk shortly before or after being weaned. We have sold many babies that were mimicking by 10-11 weeks old.
Please check into the laws in your state regarding Quaker ownership and transport. We have included a list of states that prohibit or limit ownership, breeding and transport of Quakers for your convenience.


Split to blue--$450

***We do not have waiting lists. First come first serve.***

Please be sure to check this list for laws concerning the ownership of Quakers in your state.

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Janet Ford--owner
Fax: (616)266-2162