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Genus: Agapornis

Lovebirds are colorful little gems. They are highly active, always alert and extremely playful birds that average a size of around 6". But don't let their size fool you, they are very tough little birds that should only be housed with other lovebirds.
Lovebirds have a chattering sound rather than a song and have also been known to mimic whistles, words, and phrases.
Of all our birds here at the Parrot Shop the only pet we keep is a peachface lovebird named Heckle. He is extremely playful and even enjoys climbing up on our very tolerant dog for an occasional ride through the house which he totally enjoys and makes his enjoyment known by letting out cute little squeals the whole time. He is an absolute joy to have around. I highly recommend lovebirds as a pet. I know I wouldn't ever part with mine.


Normal $30
Pastel $32
Cinnamon $32
Dutch blue $ 40
Pied $45

Bluemask $45
Blackmask $45
Fischer $45

***Breeding stock of all above species also available at same price***

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