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Finches are sweet little birds that are known for their various songs and beauty. They do not require the daily handling like a parrot does but do require the company of other finches to be happy, preferably in pairs. The other finches do not necessarily have to be of the same species but do have to be a compatible species as some are more aggressive than others. Some can even be housed with male canaries.
Don't be fooled by their size where housing is concerned. They are very active and require a decent sized cage in order to get adequate exercise.
Whoever chooses to own finches will certainly be blessed with not only a beautiful creature to look at but also one that is a joy to listen to.


Zebras $8/ea. reg. $12/ea. fancy
Spice $8/ea..
Orange weaver $8/ea..
Bronzewing $9/ea..
Orange cheeks $10/ea..
Society $12/ea..
Pintails out $25/ea..
Silverbill $25/ea..
Strawberries $65/ea..
Green Singers $70/pr
Shafttails $140/pr
Owls $150/pr
Cordon Bleu $150/pr
Parsons $150/pr

***We are adding new finch species regularly so keep checking***

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