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The budgie, commonly known as the "parakeet" is the most commonly kept pet bird in the world. In the wild their natural color is green. There have been many color variations established over the years and here at The Parrot Shop we pride ourselves in the fact that we have such a wide variety of color. A normal green is a rarity here. We sell only baby budgies, unless otherwise desired to assure the best pet potential possible.

Prices are as follows:
All other mutations--$9/ea.

We offer quantity discounts also
Often times lutinos and albinos are included in large shipments
50 & up--$7.50/ea. ON SALE! $5.75ea/50 & up
100 & up--$6.50/ea. ON SALE! $5.00ea/100 & up
200 & up--call for price quote
These prices will go back up soon. Order now to assure this price.

$10 wing clipping charge per 25 keets if desired

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Janet Ford--owner
Fax: (616)266-2162